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Built on the bluffs of the Missouri River in the early part of the last century, Kuhs Estate is a rare find of 164 acres within a half hour of central and downtown St. Louis.

Originally home to prehistoric Indians, and later the storage site of gunpowder, munitions and  essential supplies for the Lewis and Clark westward expedition, we are one of the most majestic and picturesque spots that defines the history of not only our area, but our region as well. 

The land on which the estate sits was home to Aboriginal Native Americans, circa the 1200's, and still is the final resting place for many of the tribe and their primitive artifacts. In the 1700's, it was a bustling French / Spanish trading post.  The land was formally claimed and surveyed just prior to Napoleon's terms in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. As the size of the United States grew overnight, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis and  Captain William Clark to set off  on the journey to follow the Missouri River to reach the Pacific Ocean.  In doing so, they began at the confluence (previously part of the Kuhs Estate) and made their way along the river west.

Following that, it became a pastoral and self-sufficient dairy farm from the 1800's until the early 1920's.  In 1921, on this beautiful piece of bluff front property, Edward L. Kuhs built his majestic family home with design concepts and innovation that set the tone for  use-based design and  luxury living for its day.  On this unique and historic property, he also built European inspired sunken gardens that have been a wedding backdrop since their completion. The house, gardens and environs have inspired artists, filmmakers and many a photographer, and bride.

Sunken Gardens, modeled after their pre- World War II Austrian counterpart, are the idea backdrop for wedding photography, our two hundred year old Oak Tree and the Gazebo overlooking the confluence of the Mighty Mississippi and Missouri are as memorable spots as you can find to say your vows. For your reception, there is nothing finer and more luxurious than eating, drinking & dancing under the stars high above the bluffs with the majestic Missouri River flowing by.

With our breathtaking views, scenic vistas and diverse environs, Kuhs Estate & Farm is the ideal setting for everything from a family photo shoot, engagement photos, ceremonies and receptions, private and commercial photo shoots, commercial and film projects, or whatever you can dream up.

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask anything.  

Kuhs Estate & Farm History