Frequently Asked Questions

1). What makes Kuhs Estate & Farm unique?

We like to think it’s because of our natural beauty, authenticity and heart, but we think what makes us most unique is that we firmly believe and adore you - the client who wants to have the event that reflects your style and budget, and that by us not forcing you into ‘packages’ we defend your right and freedom to determine exactly how you spend your budget. We also think it’s important to not feel rushed on such an important day, and though booking two clients per day (a daytime client & evening client) is obviously more lucrative and many other venues do it, we don’t agree with it, and want you to have the whole day for your celebration.

2). Do we have packages?

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3). What is the cost to rent the facility?

please click on the what's included tab above :-)

4). What does the cost of rental include?

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5). What does Kuhs Farm do to help clients plan?

From site visit to 'Day of', we're with you through the whole process. We help you design your event, create your timeline and layout for you, recommend and set vendor appointments for you, place rental orders, coordinate your vendors, manage your wedding day and all the details. :-)

6). How many guests can we accommodate?

The possibilities are only limited by budget.  We have plenty of space. The 4000 sq ft tent can hold 250 seated guests

7). What is the process to reserve a date with us? 

Assuming you've requested information from us / date availability, we've responded with information and pricing, and that you've been out for a site visit, we then talk a bit about your expectations, budget and other parties involved with planning. From there, the next step, if we put together a contract for you to reserve the date, once the signed contract and deposit is received, we can confirm that the date is yours. 

8). Is the deposit refundable? What if we need to cancel?

Statistically 10 - 20% of engagements / weddings are called off, so it is an industry standard for venues to have non-refundable deposits. From photographer, to DJ to caterer and florist, all wedding vendors require a deposit.  Our best advice is to make sure you're fully committed and most importantly, that you have a solid and adequate budget in place BEFORE you contract with any vendors, including us. :-)

9). How do I pick a caterer or my other vendors?

We start with an in depth event design meeting to get a feel for what you're looking for and make targeted vendor recommendations based on your preferences.

10). Where do we do the ceremony?

Lots of people love the 200 year old oak tree; others want the bluffs with the river behind them, and others like the Gazebo overlooking the confluence.  We have also used the trees at the top of the garden as ceremony backdrop….wherever you want is fine with us.

11). Are fireworks permitted?

The County does not permit fireworks unless you'd like to have your day be July 4th. If not, sparklers for wedding couple send-off are beautiful!

12). What other services are offered on site?

We do quite a bit of design work for our clients as well as rent our Vintage for the Day inventory to truly customize your event to your taste and style; we rent wood folding chairs, harvest tables, decor and tabletop items, the list goes on and on.....

We also offer full event design...all the details...perfect for clients who would like to be guests at their own event. 

We also have lots of other fun add-on activities to choose from like animal photo opps, bonfires, custom lounges, tons of decor, petting zoo, popcorn bars, pretzel bars, lighting options, style pieces, signage, ceremony backdrops, structures, yard games, unique experiences,s'more buffets, sparkler departures, candlelight dances......more options that you can even image. Just ask us. :-)

13). Is there an indoor option?

We are an exclusively outdoor venue, utilizing a tent as the primary structure to house the reception (and in case of rain, also the ceremony).

14). What do you do if it rains on a wedding day?

We modify the setup schedule to work around potential weather to still be able to achieve an outdoor ceremony, but if you'd prefer, we can modify the tent layout to accommodate your ceremony on the dance floor. 

15). How do we handle guest parking?

We personally greet all arriving guests and direct them to park by just pulling in to the left and onto the grass along the edge of the road that is parallel to the tent.  We can also reserve spaces for special needs or accessibility. We have plenty of parking room and can even accommodate multiple shuttles staying on property for the evening.

16). Can we use the barn?

No.  It is a livestock only structure, but we do use it for photography and a bridal portrait or two if time permits.

17). How does it work with the tent and restroom trailers?

To keep costs to our clients low, we allow the tent vendor to put up the tent and leave it up for 90 days.  Without staff needed to put it up and take it down between events, your cost decreases dramatically (by literally $2000) and the style and quality of the tent is higher. Same concept for the restroom trailer: by leaving it onsite and servicing and cleaning in between clients, it reduces the cost to you and you have a luxury restroom trailer for a very reasonable price.

18). Can we work with a wedding coordinator?


19). Can we bring in our own caterer?

We have an extensive Preferred Vendor list to choose from and do not work with outside vendors in the catering, rental or bar service categories.

20). How do I start planning my event at Kuhs?

After you’ve secured your date, we'll send out a client worksheet for you both to fill out, as well as create private Pinterest boards to re-curate your favorite wedding ideas, then in a 2 hour Event design meeting, we jump in and start planning!

21). Where can out of town guests stay nearby?

All the major hotel brands at the airport are only 12 minutes from Kuhs; Ameristar is another popular choice, as well as Westport or even downtown which is only 20 minutes away. It is important to keep in mind that you will likely be hosting a rehearsal dinner over the same weekend, and in some cases a brunch or a breakfast with out of town family the following morning, so we highly recommend that your choice of lodging be based on what is most central to ALL the functions you're planning, not just your reception with us.

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