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Because we see so many clients come out to see the property holding a big and cumbersome binder, and with pen in hand, they try to ask questions and write answers, we'd prefer to cheat and give you the questions AND the answers.  That way, when we meet, you can see the property and visualize your day, rather than trying to scribble down  all  these details. (Maybe it's cheating, but we're OK with it.) 

Important Questions To Ask During Your Venue Tour (courtesy of  The Knot)

1).  Is the site available on your date (or a date acceptable to you?)

2).  For how many hours will you have the site? Are there overtime fees?

Our bookings are for 13 hours: 10am until 11pm / Setup can begin as early as 10am / 6 hour event 

3).  How does the place charge—per head, by the hour, or a flat fee?

We do not offer ‘wedding packages’ – we have a set price for the venue, tent, luxury restroom trailer, Vendor Coordinator, Save the Date / Engagement shoot & Ceremony Rehearsal

We want to promote the individuality of your wedding based on your desires and provide you the freedom to choose your team of vendors based on your tastes and your budget…not ours.

4).  Can you bring in your own florist and so on, or must you use their staff? Is there a preferred vendor list?

We have thoughtfully put together our Preferred Vendor List so that you can be sure that each is already familiar with the property, our expectations for our clients and above that, their quality level of service and price points distinguish them above many other vendors

5).  Does the site have a liquor licenses? Can you bring in your own alcohol?

We DO NOT have a liquor license. The Preferred vendor you choose carries the insurance and documentation that applies to their business and their employees

6).  Can you sample floors plans and/or visit when the room is set up for a wedding? Where does the band usually set up, the buffet usually go, etc.?

We have a ‘Fly on the Wall’ policy where we invite clients to schedule a time to see an event in progress and get a first-hand visual sense of the property during a celebration.

 Our Vendor Coordinator is happy to meet with you at your convenience to put together a budget spreadsheet, give vendor recommendations and put together layouts and timelines to meet your needs

7).  What’s the staff-to-guest ratio?

That depends on the event and event needs. Typically, anywhere from 6-12 catering staff, 3-5 bar staff and 3 venue staff

8).  How many people will the space comfortably hold?

Our 4000 square foot tent will comfortably hold up to 250 guests, but we have plenty of ways to accommodate larger events and different style tents and space that can be added on to your event through our Exclusive Tent Partner - Premier Rentals

9).  How many bathrooms? Are there attendants?

Our VIP Luxury restroom trailer is either heated or air conditioned, has running water and flushing toilets, streams W-Fi music and has 3 stalls and common sinks in both the Men’s and Women’s side with wood doors, carpet, lighting and ample mirrors. No attendants needed J

10).  Does the room have adequate outlets (and power) for food, lighting and audio needs?

We power the tent perimeter lighting, caterers tent, and DJ.  For additional power needs, i.e. band and more elaborate and separate power needs, chandeliers, catering elements or addition of heat or a/c, we recommend a separate and dedicated source for the additional power needs & rent supplemental generators to provision as needed. (For most events, no extra power is needed)

11).  What’s the lighting setup? Who will control the lighting during the reception?

The perimeter lighting in the tent is set, and we think candle light is the most gorgeous light for romantic and beautiful event lighting. 

If you’d like to go above that, you can certainly look at all the other options like chandeliers, Gobos, up lighting, lighting gels available from us or our different partners

12).  Is there a dance floor? Are you responsible for renting one? Is there an additional fee?

Dance floor is included & waiting for you 

13).  If part of the wedding is outdoors, is there an alternate plan for weather issues? Will there be an additional fee?

We do everything except the actual reception in one of the prettiest spaces Mother Nature has to offer – outside

In case of inclement weather, we move the ceremony in the tent and under cover and there is no additional fee 

14).  Will there be any updates/renovations to the property? If so, how will this impact your wedding day?


15).  Are there any restrictions on sound, decor or dress code?

We follow the same St. Louis County decibel restriction as every other venue and we do not have a dress code

16).  Is there parking? Are there attendants?

There is plenty of parking and our pricing includes parking direction and the ability to accommodate coaches and busses for events with organized transportation needs

17).  Will there be other weddings on the same day or at the same time?

Heavens NO! We pride ourselves on being one of the few venues that only does one event a day.

18).  Will the manager be present to oversee your reception to the end?