. Permission for Photography of Private Property

Kuhs Estate and Farm is a privately held, private property entity.

We are never open to the public, nor do we have posted hours of public admittance.

Access to the property is by appointment or invitation only.

As private property and as a private residence, we have restrictions on photographic use so that we can safeguard both the private nature of the property itself, it’s owners and the usage of images of various aspects of the Estate, Farm and grounds.

We are eager to work in partnership with photographers and videographers to create documentation of the private events we host for our clients, in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved. 

For the below listed terms, once agreed, we will make every effort to provide assistance, coordination, accommodation and access to photographic and videography teams while they are on property for an event. (If you are wanting to use an aerial drone for images, please make sure you make that know in advance, so we can advise you of the property boundaries to protect the rights to privacy of surrounding private property owners.)

For good and valuable consideration herein acknowledged as received, the undersigned, being the legal owner of, or having the right to legally contract to permit the taking and use of photographs of, certain property designated as _Kuhs Estate and Farm_ located at _13080 Spanish Pond Road & 13061 Spanish Pond Road, Spanish Lake, Missouri 63138_, does grant to _______________________________________ ("Photographer / Videographer"), permission to photograph/ shoot video on the above listed private property on the date of_________________(day of the week)_________________(month)___________(date)___________(year) from _______________(am) to __________(pm)

As the property owner, I _Elizabeth Fichter_ grant access for photography contracted through our mutual clients: ____________________________________________.

In consideration for the access and permission granted, we have several stipulations:

That once images are fully edited and shared with our mutual client, submitted to any publications or uploaded on any social media platforms, a copy of the edited digital images be provided to us in their entirety via a file transfer site, Dropbox, Pixieset, blog, jump drive or actual CD disk.
We also request that when images are submitted for publication, that we are properly listed or ‘tagged’ as KUHS ESTATE and FARM.  If the event features floral and event design of our creation as hired by the mutual client, we would also like to be correctly listed, tagged or credited as such.  (If publication is something you’d like to pursue, let us know and we can provide you the full list of the collaborating vendors and their business entities.)
We have a stringent policy to archive all of our events as they are not only documentation of our private property but in most cases, also of our Event Design Services as well as Personal and Event Floral and ‘Day of’ Management.

For the above listed considerations, we grant you full access to the images taken on property to do with as you see fit for marketing, publication, promotion, website content, social media, client orders, etc.

This process matches the contractual release provided by the clients in our general venue rental contract*, that stipulates that we will be provided event images for showcasing the property, the work we do, the custom styling and décor, as it pertains to assisting current and future clients, and to be used on not only our website but social media platforms as well.
*If you would like a copy of this agreement, one can be provided to you upon request.


SIGNATURE of Photographer____________________________________________


Photographer printed name__________________________________________________

Printed Name of Business / Company Name____________________________________________________




WITNESS's SIGNATURE_______________________________________________________________

WITNESS (Print Name) _________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE of Property Owner_________________________________________________________

Printed name of Property Owner and Company Name____________________________________



Thank you for your consideration & adherence to our Private Property Photography Release Policy


Elizabeth Fichter

Owner - Operator

Kuhs Estate and Farm
13080 Spanish Pond Road

Saint Louis Missouri, 63138

314-226-0709   elizabeth@kuhsfarm.com


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