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VINTAGE FOR THE DAY - Inspired Rentals & Design

One of the more unique things we offer, is the ability to help you bring the Pinterest board version of your special day to life.

We know that the goal is a gorgeous and thoughtful creation of your perfect day, and that to get there, details matter. Don't get us wrong, D.I.Y. projects are great, but when you're planning a wedding, maybe you'd like to spend your time on other things and not have a bunch of items that turn into a "buy my wedding items' ad on Craigslist.

We would love to help take away a huge chunk of stress for you and suggest ideas and designs based on your idea boards and visual inspiration.

We have the areas largest selection of eclectic, evocative and unique style pieces, furniture, lighting options, vessels and ephemora. Our inventory is constantly growing. We also custom make pieces or installations for clients and we love helping bring your wedding imagination to life. Our most popular items are our gorgeous vintage wood folding chairs and rustic harvest tables.

We also do floral design (though not bouquets) because we think that on your wedding day, everything is better with floral (and we LOVE eucalyptus and greens). We think that we create unique floral accents that sync with your bespoke event design and that take into account the shapes, finishes, colors and sizes of what is needed in the different 'experience' spots your guests will visit during your event. 

DETAILS MATTER. Our goal is gorgeous!​

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Whatever your style:

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