Welcome. Thank you for wanting to know more about Kuhs Estate and Farm private event space.  We’re so pleased that you do.

If you’re engaged, newly or not, ‘Congratulations to you both’.

Whether we meet, or your story unfolds elsewhere, we wish you great happiness on your journey together.

Planning a wedding is a wonderful experience. Much like life, it should involve people who truly care about you, are like-minded, who understand and empathize with you, whom you admire and feel comfortable collaborating with, and who, when really needed, have the integrity and the sincere desire to lift you up and help you shine.

“Come on…are you serious?” you say, and our answer is “Yes. Yes we are”.

There is a great difference between what you do for a job and what you do for love, and the simple truth is that what we do and how  we do it isn’t a job. We are not venue owners or investors far removed from daily operations, or catering managers or event coordinators who switch venues like musical chairs. We are owners, operators, managers and inhabitants and we are absolutely an integral part of every event.

From touring, planning, delivery and set up, to event execution and personally greeting and welcoming your guests, we are on site, helping out and answering questions until the very last person has left. This is a labor of love and it shows. We are dedicated to our land and what it has to offer as an exclusive private property that is never open to the public. Many venues do double duty as a space open to the public while also hosting you and your guests.  That is not what we do. Your event is the ONLY event on your day and that makes it tremendously intimate and special. 

Our 164 acre estate and farm has been in our family for a century. On the other days of the week it is a real working farm with animals and the things we grow throughout the year.  It is our work, our passion and piece of heaven that we truly cherish.

Since the first wedding we have photos of in 1931, we have been home to unforgettable events, special occasions and celebrations. We are blessed to work with clients who more often than not, become friends. We aren’t simply a ‘venue’ for the day; we are a gateway to a story that doesn’t really end.

Our clients are always welcome back and some return to plant a tree for their day, or come back for anniversary pictures, baby bump pictures, family picnics, holiday and even volunteering and farm life. Some have fallen so in love with the farm that they bought houses next door, have moved to the farm and now also call it home, or spend their free time here enjoying farm life, animals, horseback riding or whatever interests them on their weekends. Some even come back to help with other weddings. The connections and friendships we make mean a great deal to us and our sincere welcome is for the many years to come so that we may watch their lives further intertwine and grown.  It doesn't feel right to get to know people so closely while helping them plan for the best day of their lives, then turn it off because the day is ended.  It is a doorway we want to leave open.

​Each day we wake up to see the sun rise over The Confluence of the mighty Missouri and Mississippi, and we are reverent of what a symbol it is for not only our city, but our region as well. We can't help feel that weddings also are a great confluence of forces that merge and become something even greater than before.

As you look around at all the choices you have; locations near and far, urban and rural, elegant and simple, we want you to select the spot where you picture your life beginning together. Yes, even if it is not with us. You deserve to be as happy as you possibly can be.  We believe we offer something unique and rare that cannot be found anywhere else. It's the most perfect spot in our  world and maybe it's the perfect spot where your story begins. We'll let YOU be the judge, and we look forward to meeting you!


To check out our Flower Farm information for wedding floral:

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          Idyllic farm & wedding venue all at the same time. Iconic landscape with sweeping vistas overlooking The Confluence, a Sunken Garden & full planning support

​​Kuhs Estate And Farm in St. Louis

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