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Our permission to reopen and the granting of necessary permits to operate were conditioned upon providing a COVID-19 operating plan that matched state and county guidelines and regulations. Based on the plan we've submitted, we have been approved to reopen for Fall 2020 subject to currently applicable laws, rules, regulations and health guidelines. Per St. Louis County, failure to comply or uphold them has legal, business and financial consequences for us.

Our COVID-19 policy comes directly from St. Louis County Public Health Orders, COVID-19 reopening / business operating requirements as communicated by way of Executive Order as well as COVID-19 public & business

health directives issued by the St. Louis County County Executive & the St. Louis County Department of Health.

​​​Kuhs Estate and Farm COVID-19 policy:

Updated 2/2/2021

* As new updates, details and changes are made available via St. Louis County & the Department of Health, our operating policy will be adapted. 

​​Current St. Louis County guidelines can be viewed here:

Guidelines and restrictions have been put in place because the COVID-19 virus is easily transmitted in group settings and that capacity limitations are necessary to limit the number of individuals in close proximity. These capacity limitations, in addition to mandatory face coverings, social distancing restrictions, and disinfection processes, have proven to be significant in the mitigation and transmission of COVID-19.

The goal of our COVID-19 policy is to do all that we can for the protection of our guests, our staff and the staffs of all our vendor partners. These requirements that together prevent the spread of infections by respiratory transmission (including COVID-19) include:

  • Social distancing: maintain at least 6 feet between and among all individuals, both employees and guests at all times.
  • Monitor employee health: screen employees for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE): staff and guests are required to wear a mask at all times while on property (except while eating while seated). The wearing of a cloth face covering /face mask is now mandatory in both St. Louis City & St. Louis County
  • Disinfecting and cleaning: wash hands regularly and clean surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectant.


  • Though regulations in St. Louis County have recently changed restricting any gathering of people or event to under 50 people, we have been permitted to continue hosting events (max of 25% capacity which is 125 people) this fall under the direct supervision and approval of St. Louis County and the Department of Health. all measures of social distancing will be in effect and strictly adhered to (masks, 6ft personal spacing and hand washing).
  • Social distancing must be maintained in any area or portion of an event that sees prolonged contact between individuals (ceremony seating proximity, beverage service, food service, guest seating and at present. Per Department of Health direction, there will be no event dance floor / dancing until social distancing restrictions are lifted.
  • In all areas which are prone to lines or congregation, such as lines for restrooms, beverage service or food service, there will be clear marking to show 6 feet spacing between guests.
  • Signage will be posted outlining social distancing requirements, limitations on crowd size and procedures to limit crowd size.


  • For the safety of guests, staff and vendor partners alike, wearing a cloth face covering is required at all times while on property. Guests may remove their face covering while seated at their dinner table while eating, replacing their face covering as soon as they get up from their table. Clients may provide a supply of face covering masks that are available for guests that arrive on property without a face covering. No guest will be admitted or permitted to stay without a face covering as it endangers other guests, staff and vendors. No exceptions.
  • Guests who are in a high risk group for COVID-19, who have potentially been in recent company of exposed or infected individuals, or who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons, for their own health and safety are strongly encouraged to not attend. If a guest has a disability for which they cannot wear a face covering, we will follow the ADA 'modification' process, but COVID-19 has been qualified as an exempting threat that in addition to our status as private property, allows us to deny entry to any individual who will not comply..
  • The posting of this policy here serves as notice to our restrictions, in addition to providing this link to all clients so that it can be shared with their guests in advance of their event. Signage will also be visibly posted at guest arrival so that we can confirm that this requirement is visible to all guests, staff and vendors upon their arrival. If you are hosting an event with us, please post the link to this page on your wedding website or share it with your confirmed guests prior to your event. Guests arriving without face coverings will not be permitted to join the event. If you would like to provide a supply to hand them out upon arrival, we would be happy to take care of that for you.


  • Hand washing will be readily available to all guests, staff and vendors, as well as hand sanitizing stations throughout the event.
  • High touch areas will be frequently sanitized with products thought to destroy COVID-19.
  • Reasonable breaks provided to staff and vendor's staff to wash their hands.
  • All staff will be fully trained about disinfection procedures and social distancing requirements.


  • All staff will have face coverings for the protection of guests as well as other staff and vendor team members. Gloves will be worn by vendors serving beverages or food.
  • Daily screenings will be conducted as applicable.
  • Staff temperatures will be checked with touchless thermometers upon arrival to their shift.
  • Health questions will be asked of each employee prior to their shift to include all CDC parameters
  • No employee will be allowed to work an event with a temperature above 100.4, and if they believe they have been exposed to COVID-19, we will require them to quarantine / isolate.


  • We will (along with all vendor partners) will follow St. Louis County & Department of Health cleaning / sanitizing guidelines as appropriate for our business.


  • Our capacity for guest seating under the tent will be entirely dictated by household / quarantine groups seated at tables that must be spaced 6 feet apart. The COVID-19 compliant floor plan will depend on the RSVP of family sizes, but it may be that some seating will have to be moved outside the perimeter of the tent for compliance.
  • We will immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual, employee or guest, who develops symptoms while working or in attendance.
  • We will contact the St. Louis County Health Department about suspected cases of exposure.
  • We will require contact information (full name, phone & email) of each guest expected to attend in case it is required by St. Louis County Health Department ONLY for the purposes of contact tracing IF NEEDED and only if needed. All information will be destroyed within 1 month after event.
  • We will arrange dining tables to ensure that there is always 6 feet of distance between guests at different tables.
  • We will only seat members of the same household at the same table with a recommended size of 6 but no more than 10 (for larger households).
  • Guests are required to wear face coverings the entire time they are on property with the soe exclusion of when seated with family and eating dinner. Face coverings will need to be on when they exit their table for any reason.
  • Signage will be posted reminding guests not to enter if they have symptoms and to obey social distancing requirements and rules.
  • No self serve beverages or food or buffet of any kind is permitted at this time.
  • To follow sanitation guidelines, no utensils or plates will not be pre-set on guest tables. Guests will be given their plate and a napkin / silverware 'roll-up' when they are called up for dinner service.
  • To comply with contact and sanitation requirements, event elements that require guests touching common items will not be permissible at this time (guestbook & pens, polaroid stations, cocktail tables, lounges, yard games or bonfire with s'mores).
  • To maintain social distance, there will not be a dancefloor, as dancing is currently not permitted, but we are able to still do 'Father / Daughter', 'Mother / Son' and couple's 'First Dance'.
  • As they apply, we will also follow the Department of Public Health's Food Establishment and Bar Operating Guidelines​​

Whether you are a client or guest, please know that we are delighted to be allowed to reopen to host your event, but our goal is to do it to keep you and everyone else safe in the middle of a global pandemic. We look forward to a time when we can all resume life as it was before, but in the meantime, we make a commitment to do our part to get all of us there sooner than later. :-)

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