Nick & Luli Fichter - Owners & Operators of Kuhs Estate & Farm

What do you get when a hard-working financial planner and country boy-at-heart falls for a big city girl that moves back home to the family farm? You get the story of Nick and Luli.  Our story began in 2012, and in 2016 we tied the knot under The Big Oak here at Kuhs Farm, and celebrated with family &  friends; many who actually began as clients and are now dear and wonderful friends that we can’t imagine our lives without. Our focus is the preservation of our farm, the bounty of nature, the harvest, the people we love and our lives with animals and all the creatures who call our farm ‘home’. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to play such an important role in the 'best day' of so many people’s lives.  It’s incredible and we love it. We look forward to meeting you.

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